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We don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression!

Learn to present with power so that your words have impact when you speak in front of others. During this one-day in-person training programme facilitated by Camilla Long of Bespoke Communications, you will receive the tools and techniques to reduce the time it takes to prepare for a presentation, overcome performance anxiety, challenge imposter syndrome, tailor your presentation to the needs of your different stakeholders, achieve impact in the boardroom and connect with audiences in a hybrid world.

Who is it for?

When it comes to presentations at work, if any of the below resonates with you, this programme is for you:
  • “How do I make my message relevant? I sometimes find that people tune out when I’m presenting”
  • “I wish I knew how to connect with a bigger audience.  I’m great one2one, but when it comes to presenting to a room, I lose my power”
  • “I stress too much about the things that can go wrong. What if I forget my words?  What if people ask questions I can’t answer? What if I make a mess of my presentation in front of everyone? I’d like to know how to overcome that”
  • “I’d love to be myself. I feel that I get a bit robotic and corporate when I present, and I’d love to know how to break through that”
  • “I go bright red when I have to present to a room.  How do I stay calm, confident and in control?”

What we will cover:

It’s not always what you say, sometimes it’s about how you say it.  During this practical in-person programme you will learn:
  1. How to overcome performance anxiety so that you speak with confidence
  2. How to deal with the dreaded imposter syndrome
  3. Tools and techniques to help you to reduce the time it takes to prepare for a presentation
  4. A secret structure used by top presenters to engage and motivate their audiences every time
  5. How to tailor your presentation to the needs of different audiences – whether that is senior internal stakeholders, clients or your own team
  6. How to say more with less to achieve impact in the boardroom or in pitches to clients
  7. How to connect with virtual audiences as well as face-to-face in the room

If you’d like to be the presenter you know you can be, join our pilot present with power programme.



Camilla Long

Camilla Long

Co-founder of Bespoke Communications

​​​​​​​Camilla facilitates the Women in Business Present with Power programme. Camilla helps executives and experts to communicate their ideas to build trust and influence. She is a Professional Member of the Professional Speaking Association, and a recipient of the PSA Emerging Speaker of 2021. Camilla will always be passionate, patient and practical in her training sessions, as she shares her wealth of knowledge with you.


Member price £300.00 (plus VAT)
Non-member price £360.00 (plus VAT)

Location: Belfast

Want to find out more about this programme? Email and discover more about support available for your personal and professional development.

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Starting Thursday 10 October 2024

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Starting Tuesday 11 February 2025

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Starting Thursday 8 May 2025

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“Presenting with Power is beyond the do's and don'ts of Powerpoint generation. It's an opportunity to talk about performance anxiety; test your limits in front of a like-minded group; and an important reminder to invest in the story of your message, and understand how you want an audience to feel. Presenting is an opportunity, not a threat.”

Lucy McCague

Allstate NI

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“I thoroughly enjoyed presentation training today it was really useful to watch Camilla demonstrate her own skills through teaching this course in terms of her body language and tone in particular. The take aways for me is the power of a strategic pause and how to engage your audience using a set of skills to overcome anxiety and deliver with power. Also how to manage the balance of authority and approachability when delivering presentations depending on the topic and situation.”

Emma Todd




BT, Riverside Tower, 5 Lanyon Place, Belfast BT1 3BT

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