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Programme Price - £375.00 (+VAT)

Affiliate Discount Price - £300.00 (+VAT)

At a glance…

Take this unique opportunity to get away from the office to explore your life at work. Identify your strengths, align your goals to your values and work out how best to move forward. This full day course uses tried and tested coaching techniques to help build confidence and resilience. We cover self awareness, imposter syndrome, self-care, overcoming workplace challenges and tackling difficult conversations and relationships.  Meet with other women on this thought provoking retreat and re-ignite the passion for what you do and how you do it.
Our expert facilitator, Sarah Travers of Bespoke Communications will provide you with the tools needed to build your resilience in order to better manage those challenges, say yes to the opportunities that come your way and maintain positive personal wellbeing in the face of adversity.
In person sessions will take place in Belfast city Centre.

What to expect from the WIB Reflect and Reboot - Resilience Workshop:

  • 1 Day Resilience Workshop
  • The opportunity to connect with likeminded women in a safe and interactive setting
  • Key take away information and learning actions to implement after each session
  • The chance to recharge your energy, refocus your attention and refill your morale to reduce anxiety and stress

During the session we will cover the following;
Looking through a different lens - introduction to resilience
How emotion affects our response to challenging situations and how to change your mindset. Explore your personal triggers as you will be provided with a suite of tools and techniques to fight your filters and default reactions.
Building Resilience and getting used to feeling uncomfortable
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Let’s take the steps to overcome imposter syndrome, build confidence, manage your inner critic, and learn how to be bold.
The Double Shift…
How work-smart are you? Figure out how to balance, separate and blend your work and personal life to achieve your goals. It’s all about being flexible, knowing when to switch on and off, while building your sources of support.
Rust Out v Burn Out
You can make fear your friend. Learn how to say “Yes…IF!” to help with your workload. With tips on how to make work, work for you! Whether it be managing conflict and negativity or being able to identify your own stress patterns.


Want to find out more about this programme? Email and discover more about support available for your personal and professional development.

Sarah Travers - Bespoke Communications

Sarah Travers - Bespoke Communications


Sarah facilitates the Women in Business Reflect and Reboot - Resilience Workshop. She is a former BBC news journalist and TV presenter, with a keen interest in stories and the people that shape them. Sarah has coached hundreds of people in media training, presentation skills and leadership development. Sarah will always be warm, engaging and encouraging in her training sessions, as she shares her wealth of knowledge with you.


Programme price £375.00 (plus VAT)
Affiliate price £300.00 (plus VAT)

Location: Pinsent Masons, 1 Lanyon Place, Belfast, BT1 3LP

Want to find out more about this programme? Email and discover more about support available for your personal and professional development.

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Starting Wednesday 26 February 2025

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Pinsent Masons, 1 Lanyon Place, Belfast, BT1 3LP

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“The course was pitched perfectly! Sarah brought a group of women together in a way I have not experienced before on any course! She created such a level of trust and confidence in the room that we were truly empowered to be our authentic selves and share our professional and personal challenges candidly. Then support each other to problem solve through the learning tools she gave us. The best course I've attended for a long time I left with a whole new network of 'Sisters', highly recommend!”

Joanne Ramsay


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“This was an excellent programme that provided what I needed support with, delivered in a professional and friendly manner by Sarah. Thank you for a very useful and enjoyable session.”

Karen Moffett

Belfast Skin Clinic

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“I was able to uncover and acknowledge things about my personality and habits that will make a massive difference to my personal and professional life!”

Janine Baldie

Mortgage IQ

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“A thoroughly thought-provoking course both on a personal and professional level which made me stop to reflect on all aspects of my journey through my life and career. It has helped reignite my passions, recognise my strengths and provided me with the tools to focus on my future. ”



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“Sarah and Camilla were excellent facilitators and I couldn't fault them in any way. They made it so personable and I felt like I could open up about my personal experiences.”

Louise McAleer

Progressive Building Society

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“The WIB Reflect and Reboot Resilience training programme with Sarah Travers is by far the best course that I've attended in a long time. I was able to relate to so much of what Sarah talked about and came away with actions that will help me in my work and personal life. All in all, it was a day well spent with 10 remarkable and inspiring women.”

Hughes Insurance

Hughes Insurance

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“The Reflect and Reboot - Resilience Training is a fantastic programme for anyone interested in seeking a fresh perspective on personal and professional challenges. The programme provides a safe space to work through issues and identify areas of strength and support. Sarah is an exceptional person and facilitator, with a special gift to inspire, motivate and uplift people. I left feeling more confident in my ability, reassured and joyful!”

Holly Milne

Dale Farm


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