About us

Women in Business is the leading network for women in the workplace across Northern Ireland.

Our mission is simple but powerful...

To equip women with the skills they need to start and grow, their own business or develop their careers, rising into senior manager and leadership positions. By positively impacting all its members, Women in Business aspires to create a New Economy; whereby all women in Northern Ireland significantly contribute to the economic success of our society.


In keeping with our values, Women in Business facilitates positive contributions to the economy and society of Northern Ireland by developing every member’s professional skills, connections and confidence to achieve their ambition. Promoting the fact that women are an integral and invaluable part of every business, as we celebrate women’s professional achievements.

By joining the network, members make a profound investment in themselves and their careers. We deliver exceptional programmes and events, delivered by industry experts, including networking events, awards and conferences with inspirational global speakers. We provide skills to help all women progress in their career while making lasting connections. 

WIB is a non-profit organisation run by a voluntary Board of Directors.

The WiB Group

Women in Business is an integral part of The WiB Group. The WiB Group is an umbrella group of social enterprises that are dedicated in the mission to help create a prosperous, inclusive economy for Northern Ireland.

Through Women in BusinessDiversity MarkTimely Careers and Centre of Learning, The WiB Group is committed to driving positive change through connections, accreditations, employment opportunities and skills development. Join us in our mission, where the collective power of everyone’s contributions propels us towards a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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