Membership Benefits

All business women; owners, sole traders, entrepreneurs, employers, employees, managers and CEOs can reap the benefits of a being a member of Women in Business.

We have so much to offer; from our monthly facilitated networking events to the personal development masterclasses and workshops; from numerous programmes to our fabulous annual Awards and Conferences. 

We encourage peer support, collaboration and partnerships and help to promote this through our facilitated networking. With more than 250 women attending events each month, members can make invaluable connections and develop relationships, helping them to develop both personally and professionally.

Membership Benefits

Click on the relevant sector and see how Women in Business can benefit you:

Senior Executives

Senior Executives
  • 2500 members spread throughout all industry sectors
  • Multiple monthly networking opportunites
  • Sponsorship and company promotion opportunities
  • Mentoring programme for peer mentoring and roles available for mentors
  • Annual leadership conference Chair’s Lunch & Annual Awards Event
  • Partnership opportunities

Business Owners

Senior Executives
  • A bespoke Business Growth residential
  • Personal development masterclasses
  • Annual Entrepreneur’s Conference.
  • Opportunity to promote your business
  • Opportunities to showcase profile throughout the network (30+K on Social Media)

Company Employees

Company Employees
  • Personal development masterclasses and insights
  • A diverse range of programmes
  • Multiple monthly networking opportunities
  • Annual leadership conference
  • Inspirational speakers at Spotlight on Success
  • Opportunities to promote profile & share company news

Entrepreneurial Start up

Entrepreneurial Start Up
  • Personal Development Masterclasses
  • The Yes You Can business start-up and growth programme.
  • Annual Entrepreneur's Conference
  • Opportunities to showcase profile throughout the network.
  • Multiple monthly opportunities to network

Join with us and we will help you to achieve your ambition.

Individual membership is £45 per annum.