About Us

Women in Business is the largest and fastest growing business network for female entrepreneurs and business leaders in Northern Ireland.

Our mission is simple but powerful:

to equip women with the skills they need to start, and grow, their own business or develop their careers, rising into senior manager and leadership positions. By positively impacting all its members, WIB aspires to Create a New Economy; whereby all females in Northern Ireland significantly contribute to the economic success of our society.

Six core values shape WIB’s mission:

In keeping with these values, WIB facilitates women’s positive contributions to the economy and society of Northern Ireland by developing every member’s professional skills, connections and confidence to achieve their ambition. WIB promotes the fact that women are an integral and invaluable part of every business, and we celebrate women’s professional achievements.

By joining WIB:

  • Our individual and corporate members make a profound investment in themselves and their careers.
  • We deliver exceptional, relevant online programmes and online events ranging from masterclasses delivered by industry experts to formal networking events. In addition to conferences and an awards ceremony with inspirational global speakers, which we hope to return to as soon as possible when governement social distancing restrictions allow.
  • At our monthly events, which cater to more than 250 attendees throughout Northern Ireland, WIB provides the skills to help all business women grow their business, make lasting connections and be inspired by women from across all industry sectors.
  • WIB also provides resources and support to corporate members hoping to acquire clients, expand into new markets or encourage development for female employees.

WIB is a non-profit organisation run by a voluntary Board of Directors.