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Discover the secrets to crafting compelling narratives, navigating the publishing landscape and positioning your book for bestseller status.

We'll be joined by Women in Business member and author, Clare Gallagher, who will have the tools, strategies and insider knowledge to turn your literary dreams into reality. Clare will share her writing journey with our members and explains, “I have been told recently on numerous occasions, Clare I have a story that I would love to tell, how did you do it? Or you really have inspired me to start writing a book. I can honestly say we all have a story to tell, and it really is so easy when you have that story in you to just start writing. My advice to anyone who is thinking of writing a book, be it a fiction novel, a self-help book or a professional development career book, just start writing. I can't wait to share my experience of putting pen to paper and publishing my debut novel with you all.”

Clare will be joined by her book publisher June Alexander from Russell Alexander Publishing who will talk about the process of publishing a book and the help and support she has given to many of her clients who have come to her with a manuscript or even just an idea for a story which has developed into a published book.

For many members who are thinking of writing a book, be it a fiction novel, a self-help book or a professional development career book, this webinar is a must for you all.
Birds of a Feather Flock Together by Clare Gallagher

Set against the backdrop of a bustling US college campus, this light-hearted tale follows the adventures of a Dublin girl, Cat, during her year at a US college and through a series of misadventures with her college roommate and friend, Alex. Comical language mishaps and their various escapades add a layer of light-hearted humour that keeps the story engaging and relatable.

This is not just a story of an Irish girl’s year abroad, it’s a celebration of the friendships that shape us and the transformative power of embracing new experiences, in life and love, which will leave the reader with a smile.
The novel is a nostalgic must-read that captures the essence of friendship and of finding a soulmate in the unlikeliest of places. It is a reminder that true friendship can bridge the gap between continents and leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

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Guest speaker:

Clare Gallagher

Clare Gallagher

Clare Gallagher has indeed ticked off a major bucket list moment as she has become a published author with her debut Novel ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’ hitting the Amazon online publishing shelves! The novel came about after Clare stumbled upon old journals and writings that she had from years gone by and she knew she had a story to tell that would really resonate with a lot of people. When lockdown hit in 2020 Clare immersed herself in a writing process that kept building and building and 22 chapters later, she had a manuscript. Clare will explain how the idea for the story came about and the journey from typing on her old laptop to a published manuscript and the book launch and promotional activity that followed.

June Russell-Alexander

June Russell-Alexander

Creative Director & Editor, Russell-Alexander Publishing

June Russell-Alexander is the driving force behind Russell-Alexander Publishing, formerly known as Temple Woman Publishing. With a mission to support authors at every stage of their journey, she offers a comprehensive suite of services including writing guidance, editing, marketing assistance, and self-publishing support. Beyond editorial support, June has cultivated a welcoming community at Russell-Alexander Publishing - a place where authors can find acceptance, understanding, and camaraderie. It's more than just a publishing house; it's a home for writers to express themselves authentically, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share their passion for storytelling.