Another Successful Series of Your Voice!

Your Voice is a bespoke 2-day training course specially designed for Women in Business members and facilitated by Andrew Toogood, Founder & Principal of Proclaim Consulting.

Throughout the course participants were taught how develop exceptional presentation and communication skills to improve their performance through a combination of learning and practical application. On the first day of Your Voice, the women discussed any issues they had when it came to presenting and communicating.  The session focused on Cognitive Theory and Communication Models, with Andrew explain the psychology behind behaviours when it comes to presenting and communicating.  Participants learnt how to structure a presentation step by step in order engage and influence their audience as much as possible and raise their profile as a speaker to both internal and external clients.

The second session was more practical, with the women taking part in exercises to improve body language when presenting such as posture, eye contact, gestures, breathing exercises and overall how to communicate with confidence.  At the end of the session all the participants took part in a presentation, putting into practice all the had learnt throughout the programme, with everyone leaving feeling more confident!

The purpose of the programme is to build knowledge, skills & confidence to help individuals influence & create impact through exceptional communication and presentation.

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