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Marketing Training is Available for All!


Monday 26 September 2022

Marketing Training is Available for All!

Hi everyone, I’m Danielle, Head of Operations at Belfast Academy of Marketing. 

But, what is Belfast Academy of Marketing?

Belfast Academy of Marketing is my family business – Ireland’s first private CIM Accredited Study centre. We have been operating for 10 years and have supported hundreds of students through their professional marketing qualifications and countless companies to build the skills and knowledge in their marketing teams through our training workshops.

And why do I want you to know about it?

Only too often I see business owners outsourcing their marketing due to lack of time or knowledge. But they all ask for the same thing: social media content.

It’s difficult to explain marketing to non-marketers on a post like this but basically what I want to highlight is 2 things:

1.    If you are outsourcing and you’re certain it’s your only option then invest wisely in the people you choose to undertake the work. Make sure they are properly accredited – if they are they will be able to support your organisations’ marketing from start to finish – not just social media.
2.    “Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will never starve”…. Remember that quote? Well – that’s where we come in.

We can support you to develop your knowledge, skills and techniques to embed great marketing practices and strategies within your organisation. It’s less expensive than getting someone to do it for you and you will ALWAYS have those skills. 

What do we offer?

-    Accredited Marketing Qualifications
-    Training Workshops on Marketing topics such as
o    Social Media Marketing
o    Content Marketing
o    Copywriting
o    Digital Marketing Planning
-    Bespoke training to suit your business needs

What do you do next?

Have a chat with me – I’m happy to advise and guide where possible. No obligation. I have a genuine passion to support businesses of all levels to grow through expanding their marketing knowledge and skills.

How can you contact me?

Phone, text & Whatsapp: 07719764777


Check out our website:

Discounts available for Charities & Group Bookings.


Monday 26 September 2022

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