A helping hand from Bryson Care One2One

Tackling social and economic issues has been the core driving force of Bryson Charitable Group for more than a century. And the Bryson Care One2One service is no different.
Launched in 2015, Bryson One2One combats social isolation through companionship. The goal? To ensure vulnerable people always have someone to turn to, particularly in the face of an ageing population.
By 2028, Northern Ireland pensioners will outnumber children for the first time in our country’s history, drawing a stark red line under the demand for specialist home care. That’s where One2One comes in.
We are a safety blanket – a friendly face to help lighten the load around the house, whether it’s through laundry, light housework or meal preparation.
Our service user Elaine is registered blind, but that didn’t stop her from fulfilling her life-long dream: a skydive over Northern Ireland.
Her Support Worker Sarah, who has been visiting Elaine for three years now, remembers that big day:
“In the past three years, we’ve done some pretty cool things together – Elaine’s skydive, for one. There are things Elaine wouldn’t have done last year that she’s now comfortable with. She’s able to visit the bowling club, so it’s really nice to see those friendships develop. Housework is all well and good, but it’s good to get people out and about, so they can do things they’re not normally doing… like jumping out of perfectly good planes!”
One2One is powered by friendship, and it’s thanks to Sarah’s weekly visits that Elaine has discovered a renewed sense of confidence.
I’m not very good in company – you know, when you get two or three people [in a room] I get tongue-tied and lost. One2One is excellent for me, because I can talk one-to-one with the Support Worker.”
No longer is she confined to the four walls; instead, Sarah brings Elaine out to the hairdresser’s, the bank, and everywhere in between.  
This is One2One in action. We ensure families across Greater Belfast can go about their daily lives, happy in the knowledge that their loved ones are in good company. Of the people who currently avail of the service, 95% would recommend One2One to a friend, while 84% of service users believe Bryson’s private in-home service has made a positive difference to their lives.
If we can help you or your family ring us on 028 9034 7731 or email twhiteside@brysongroup.org
To find out more about our service go to www.brysoncare.org/care-at-home/