Anyone for lunch?

In these strange and uncertain times it is important to reach out and talk if you need to. There is nothing better for your mental health than having a conversation with a trusted friend or colleague. For those entrepreneurs out there who are facing an uphill struggle, catching up with a fellow entrepreneur and discussing ways that have been working for each of you will help. Just knowing that someone else is going through it too, will help.
Talking through the upcoming new new new set of furlough regs you may have to navigate for your staff. The ever changing goal posts that are leaving all of us in the Private Sector shifting uncomfortably in our seats and nervous about what announcement will be made next week. Or tomorrow. All we can all do is our best and for anyone else in the hospitality industry that means doing everything we can to be covid-secure.
At Molly's Yard measures are in place to help customers feel as relaxed as possible. Hand gel, masks until seated, pre-orders by phone or email, socially distanced tables. They also have the friendliest staff in Belfast and a delicious menu. So if you are feeling a little bit alone, if you are struggling in work, if you are anxious about your business. Reach out. Find someone to talk to. Our WIB Member Jenny, General Manager of Molly's Yard will be very welcoming if you choose to come and talk to them at Molly's Yard!