Cleaver Fulton Rankin launch business audits in support of business recovery

The economic impact of COVID-19 is in the news daily with the effect experienced by all local businesses. Throughout the health crisis Cleaver Fulton Rankin has supported their clients with legal advice, webinars and podcasts ensuring that they remain up to date with the latest government announcements, funding support and legal implications that they may need to consider.
As Cleaver Fulton Rankin progress through the initial stages of recovery and businesses begin to reopen, they understand the urgent business imperative to quickly identify key strategic issues and solutions to:

· Improve cash flow;
· Maintain company stability; and
· Increase your revenue.
In an effort to support their clients and prospective clients, the firm have drawn from their vast experience across specialist practice areas and designed a series of solutions including a number of sector-specific Business Audits.
Businesses and employers will no doubt have specific concerns regarding legal areas, such as supply chain contracts, employment law, company sustainability, land and assets and debtor/creditor management. These audits aim to highlight the key strategic issues businesses should be urgently addressing and where legal support may be required.
It is essential to take steps now to ensure the continuity of your business. To understand your current position, Cleaver Fulton Rankin encourage businesses to complete our Business Audit today by visiting the COVID-19 Solutions Hub.
Upon completion of the Business Audit, a report is generated to show the current business position and the areas to address. A member of the Cleaver Fulton Rankin team will also receive the report and will get in touch to discuss it.

On the COVID-19 Solutions Hub you can also view the latest webinars, ‘Using legal services to navigate your way through the Covid-19 pandemic’. These 30-minute webinars specifically aimed at businesses in the Technology, Manufacturing and Construction sector, provide insights on the various key legal issues that may impact your business and its operations.
Cleaver Fulton Rankin has the legal expertise to guide and advise you on a range of legal implications. If you require any further information, please contact a member of the multi-disciplinary legal team noted within the Hub.