Connect Yoga Self Care (women only) online programme

Carla McGreevy on her Connect Yoga Self Care Online Programme
How do you currently take care of yourself? 
If you are reading this question like it is written in a foreign language, then this programme is for you. 
I felt exactly the same when asked that question 6 years ago, at a time where I really felt I didn’t know or like myself.
Connect Yoga Self Care (women only) online programme - 12th April through to 11th May 2021
New Moon in Aries through to New Moon in Taurus
A full lunar cycle
Throughout the course you will try a variety of practical tools and practices for self care- movement, breathwork, journaling, daily rituals.
You will explore different types of self care and find out what supports you best in your current needs to empower you to live a life that is authentic to you and deepen the connection you experience to yourself. When we deepen connection to ourselves, it ripples into our relationships.

 This programme is a deep, immersion into Self Care. It is intense. It is for women who…

  • struggle to take care of themselves and prioritise their needs
  • feel they don't know themselves, their passions 
  • want to learn to love themselves, their bodies 
  • ready for real change in their lives to experience pleasure, fun and happiness 

This work will change your life.

I have travelled the world working with some of the leading pioneers in women's self care such as Emily Kruser, Mei Lai Swan, Nanna Wagner and Juliette McConachy. The power and potency of the practices I experienced blew my  wee cynical mind wide open.  I believe every woman should experience these tools of self care. This is why in this programme I blend a variety of practices and re-education on  women’s wellness and how to best to care for your body, mind and spirit from an all female psychology. This is space to employ this slower pace of life to dive deep into the oceans within yourself, learn to love yourself and see how truly class you are.  
Connect Yoga Self Care course includes:
  • 4 Connected breath workshops
  • 16 Group education sessions (on the science of yoga, breath, female psychology and physiology)
  • 4 Somatic movement sessions  (Trauma and Tension Release therapy)
  • 1:1 with Carla for 60 minutes 
  • 8 live yoga practices  plus recordings
  • 1 Yoga Nidra 
  • Daily check in and rituals 
  • Facebook group support 
  • Personal recommendations tailored to you and your needs 
  • Access to Carla via email and phone for duration of course   
The themes that will be covered:
  • Week 1 -  The intelligence of your body and breath
  • Week 2- Pain and Healing
  • Week 3- Pleasure and Sex
  • Week 4-  Love and Fear 
This course is for women who:
  • want to strengthen and explore their bodies
  • want to explore the transformative magic of breath work    
  • want to experience different tools to create meditative states   
  • want to learn about sex, pleasure and orgasms    
  • want to start to heal/ continue healing from past traumas
  • are ready for big changes in their lives 
  • want to connect to their true desires, needs, and wants    
  • want to connect with like minded women, experience the magic that happens when women connect yourself, learn to love yourself and see how truly class you are
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