Davy Group's contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate memembers at Davy Group place relationships at the centre of their service, caring about their employees, clients and the world which they do business in. Below, Davy Group UK give insights into their Corporate Social Responsibility:
Guided by our core values of one team, clients first and always growing, we work together with one ambition, supporting our colleagues across Davy while striving to make a meaningful impact in our clients’ worlds, whether they are individuals, businesses or institutions.
Within Davy UK, we aim to provide a great workplace, helping employees to reach their full potential. We recognise our responsibility as an employer to foster an inclusive working environment, where all employees are supported and enabled to succeed.
We also recognise the importance of continuous learning.  To this end, we encourage our staff to pursue self-development opportunities through the acquisition of professional qualifications once applicable to their role, formal training and active on-the-job coaching. We believe that continuous development not only widens employee’s skills and knowledge base but also equips them to perform their role more effectively and to reach their full potential.  
Davy UK’s partnership with the Children’s Cancer Unit Charity (CCUC) is a key element of their CSR strategy, designed to enable staff make a positive impact in their community and to enable the company to do more to support local community causes.
The CCUC’s primary focus is ensuring the frontline service, which provides the vital care for children affected by cancer, is supported through provision for essential equipment, improved infrastructure and additional staffing where necessary. Another equally important role of the Charity is to support families affected by childhood cancer from right across Northern Ireland.
So far, the partnership has been a huge success, creating new opportunities and boosting the potential for family events throughout the year. One of them was an event held at Davy UK offices in November, to coincide with the switching on of the Belfast Christmas lights. By opening their doors and hosting a Winter Wonderland experience for CCUC families, Davy UK demonstrated that this partnership is about more than just raising funds.  Families were provided with an opportunity to enjoy something they would not normally have been able to do.
Speaking about the partnership, Anna McDonald from the Children’s Cancer Unit Charity said:
“To carry out our work in supporting children and families affected by cancer, we depend on partnerships like the one we have with Davy UK. As well as the important funds they raise to help us provide equipment, staffing and other tools that the medical team needs, they also give us the capacity to support families directly by becoming an extension of our team. Not only have they welcomed every opportunity to get involved, but their enthusiasm and willingness to help is infectious and for that we are hugely grateful. It has been a pleasure to have the Davy team join the CCUC family.”
If you haven’t yet selected a CSR partner, please visit https://childrenscancerunit.com/ to find out how you can support them.