Designated Liaison Officer Online Training

Sinead Welsh holds over 15 years experience in the Child Protection Statutory Sector and is hosting Designated Liaison Officer Online Training on Wed 15 Sep, 6:30 – 9:30pm
This training is suitable for Designated and Deputy Designated Liaison Officers (DLO) in paid or voluntary positions. *All participants must have completed Safeguarding Children & Young People Training prior to attending DLO training* Owing to the sensitive nature of the abuse categories discussed, this training is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 yrs old and adults are required to look after their own emotional well being during the course.
Course Aims: 
In this course, you’ll learn how to:
– describe the role and main responsibilities of the designated safeguarding children officer
– state your own values regarding child abuse and the impact of these on professional practice
– describe the key legislation and guidance that determines your organisation’s policy for child safety and welfare
– decide what steps your organisation needs to take to look after the safety and welfare of the children and young people it comes into contact with
– identify the barriers that prevent children from reporting abuse
– know how to respond effectively to a child who does report abuse
– understand the barriers that prevent staff from reporting concerns, and how to overcome them
– make the right decisions about what steps to take when concerns about a child have been raised
– know what’s likely to happen following a referral to children’s social care
– explain the issues connected to recording and sharing information, including confidentiality
– show an awareness of the emotional impact of safeguarding children and identify a network for personal support
– talk about your organisation’s overarching policy and procedures.
Cost: £75.00 per person. Book your place via email: