Dip- 'Deals in Places' App Launch

A young start-up team based in Belfast is launching a new mobile app intended to disrupt the voucher industry in the coming weeks. The app is called dip which is an acronym for Deals in Places. It allows users to access deals, discounts and vouchers based on where they are in Belfast. It has been predicted that retailers will use this new platform to target consumers that are in strategic locations such as commuter dense streets and areas occupied by their competitors.
The team of five behind dip, two of which are current QUB & UU students, and one of which is an active WIB member, have benefited from Belfast’s robust start-up network. They’ve received support from both of the city’s universities and currently work from the recently opened Catalyst Fintech Hub located in the centre of the city.
The app is free to download and the deals found on the app are free to save and redeem. CEO, Glenn Reid explains, “consumers will only get access to deals when they enter certain shopping locations around Belfast. This, paired with the fact that we’re a self-service PPC platform, places a significant amount of creative and strategic freedom in the hands of our local retailers.”  
COO and WIB member, Francesca Morelli added, “Belfast’s high street has had a rough few years and it’s our hope that we can provide our brick and mortar retailers with a new tool to engage consumers in a modern way fit for the digital age.”  
The dip team would like to thank Women in Business for their continued support and would like to offer £5 free credit (25 free clicks) to all WIB members who feel like they could use dip to benefit from hyper-targeted advertising on their business’ promotional offers. Use code ‘WIB5’ upon launch to redeem!
In the meantime, if any WIB members would like to receive more information, feel free to contact Francesca directly on francesca@dip-app.com, she’d be more than happy to grab a coffee!
The app will launch in Belfast in late May 2019 on Android and on iOS soon after.