Doreen Ritchie

Doreen is a Life Coach with a practice in East Belfast. She had a long career in business and finance, dealing with people and developing them to their full potential, before deciding to change career and use these skills to help people by training as a Life and Executive Coach.  Doreen also gives workshops in subjects like Money Mindset, Life Changes and Managing Stress and Anxiety.

In February she proposed a course to Queen’s University Belfast for their Open Learning program in the Autumn term.  Open Learning courses are open to everyone and generally held in the evenings. Having gone through the application and vetting process, Doreen’s course was accepted in June; it runs for 5 evenings, 7-9pm every Tuesday starting 24th September. The QUB brochure will be coming out in mid-August, or you can look and apply online. The course introduces a different way of thinking and is called:  ‘Change your Mind, Change your Life! Uncover the Path to a New Reality’. (The course code is OLE2981, for those of you wanting to sign up!)
I asked Doreen what participants could expect to get out of her teaching:

…everyone has the ability to live their best life. When you have clarity and belief in yourself, it allows you to make the decisions that are best for you and take the right steps to make it happen, confident that you can handle whatever life throws at you;  ….you can trust your inner wisdom to guide you, even when the path isn’t clear, to navigate life-choices and move confidently towards your goal. When you use this method of thinking to take complete responsibility for your feelings and the way you interact with those around you, then you can create a more successful, loving and meaningful life – the one that’s best for you!’