This 2 hour workshop will focus on getting you ready to emerge from lockdown with renewed confidence and belief in all that you can achieve.

Nutritionist and health coach, Clare Hegarty combines nutrition, sleep and motivational coaching, to help you boost energy levels, improve sleep and get you to your happy weight. Empowering you to break free from whatever has held you you back in the past to feel the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. 

Confidence Coach, Nicola McGuinness understands the many reasons why we hold ourselves back from achieving all we want. With her tools and techniques you will have the opportunity to take the action needed to create a life and career you love. You will emerge feeling empowered, confident in your abilities and proud of who you are.

Style and Image Expert, Samara Prentice will provide you with the tools to rebuild your confidence in your appearance, raise your visibility, leave a strong impression and empower you to emerge as the best version of you in your uniquely individual way. 

When? Thursday 8th April, 7-9pm

The ladies have kindly shared a discount code for their fellow members to use: WIB2021 Register to here!