ESRI Ireland assisting organisations & society during COVID-19

Esri Ireland is offering a number of different ways to assist organisations and society during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our valued member, Rachel Steenson explains how to help public health agencies and other organisations jump-start their response to COVID-19, Esri is providing the ArcGIS Hub Coronavirus Response template at no cost through a complimentary six-month subscription of ArcGIS Online with ArcGIS Hub Basic.
The template includes examples, materials, and configurations to rapidly deploy an ArcGIS Hub environment. ArcGIS Hub is a framework to build your own website to visualise and analyse the COVID-19 crisis in the context of your organisation's or community's population and assets.
You can register for assistance here:
To support teachers and students who are working and learning from home Esri Ireland are also collaborating with Microsoft to create some new ArcGIS courses for the Microsoft Educator Center. The first course will teach you how to work with spatial data, use smart mapping, create maps and share the results easily. On completion of the course you can earn a digital badge to demonstrate what you have learnt. You can get started here:
Esri Ireland have also created a website to showcase the statistics around COVID19 in Northern Ireland :