An extremely exciting development has taken place between Author Laura Quinn's Childrens Press, ''Monkey Blue Press'' and the digital company Inception (Bookful).
The prospect of seeing not one but two of their book collections quite literally come to life has now become a reality for the growing press and the process transfer from Book to Digital is due to take place in the weeks ahead.
Bookful, who were seeking brand new content for their digital App, which allows readers to enter in to a virtual reality, where attracted to both the Monkey Blue Collection and the What on earth Collection so an offer was made to the small press for both collections, totaling eight books. 
The Bookful App can be downloaded for free, the books will then be available to purchase individually and in a ''collection'' / ''Bundle''.
 MB press have already signed over three of their completed childrens books titles to Bookful and the company have suggested that Monkey Blue will now be rubbing shoulders with Peter Rabbit as they secured the Beatrix Potter Brand also.
The paper work has all been signed and the project will commence immediately and as like any press would Bookful want to offer the titles in a digital collection/bundle format so the collections of both Monkey Blue and What on earth will also be completed in 2019/2020 ready for print in softback/hardback and now of course digitally.
Author Laura Quinn, Quote: "While I always seen the bigger picture and planned and hoped at the very start that the books would be successful reaching this level after making such a commitment to my business is beyond my wildest dreams and I am glad that regardless of the ups and downs along the way that I stuck with my  gut and I seen it through, rewards like this one won't come every day.
While I am of course excited I have to also stress that the Illustrations by Kevin McHugh are a massive influence when pitching or putting my books forward for anything, what he has managed to achieve with Monkey Blue has been amazing and every talk or pitch I do the illustrations from the 'What on earth is under my bed' book, is always the talking point.

Aswell as the story they are what appeals to the buyers, readers and companies like Bookful so I could never stand confidently on my own and take full credit. 
I'm excited about the ideas and progression plans MB press have in place for 2019, as well as these most recent development's a new website has been developed and launched for the productions of my Adult Books also ''Booqpress'' so managing both companies, totaling sixteen children's book titles and two adult novels has been incredibly overwhelming and busy but when opportunities like this one come knocking on your door it makes it all worth while.