The Generation Women Kickstart Your Career Challenge 2022

Sinead Sharkey-Steenson is The Career Elevator Coach, helping women get the promotions and payrises they deserve!  She’s supported thousands of women to get great career results, and has developed a high-impact, high-energy way to get boost your career mojo.  Created in lockdown, her career challenges have already helped close to a thousand women. 

The Generation Women Kickstart Your Career Challenge is back in January to help you get your career on track for 2022.  I want to help you be the one celebrating your promotion and payrise, like the many women I helped in 2021!

We get going on the 24th of January for 5 days of FREE training for women who want to achieve more in their career…more recognition, more visibility, more rewards!

I know it can be so frustrating to watch others work less, spoof more and run away with the promotion!  And with the last 2 years where working from home has made it harder to get noticed, get supported, and get ahead. 

I love helping women to elevate their careers, and I want to help you. 

Over the 5 days (working in your own time), I will help you to

- create your career vision for the year

- develop your strategy to help you step up and get noticed at work

- and develop the confidence to achieve it

With just half an hour a day of effort, you can be like Jo who “using the strategies and tools I learned on the challenge, I have achieved a payrise of 117%!  That’s not a typo! Thank you Sinead 🙏”

So why not sign up today and join the hundreds of women who’ve decided it’s time to kickstart their career and get the results they deserve: