Vital Nutrition Workshops

WIB member, Jane McClenaghan of Vital Nutrition has a host of options for corporate groups to book for their teams this Autumn!
Vital Nutrition’s Autumn Reset is a 4-week course that will get you back into a healthy routine with a fresh start this autumn!
What's it all about?
1. Goal setting - Getting the foundations in place - Looking at weight, stress/anxiety, avoiding and recovering from burn out, adrenal fatigue, the importance of time-out
2. Energy gains and energy drains - Low GI diet, intermittent fasting, creating good habits, crush your cravings -Getting organised to save you time, effort and money
3. Adrenal stress & fatigue - What can you do? Energy fixes and advice
4. Momentum – let’s move forward! - Health coaching session & evaluation
Vital Nutrition’s Lunchbox Challenge is a 4-week course packed with top tips and live cookery demonstrations. Guaranteed to get you back into a healthy routine with a fresh start this autumn!
What's it all about?
• Week 1: Lunch box audit - Simple lunchbox swaps to keep you healthy and nourished.
• Week 2: Soggy sandwiches - what’s the alternative?
• Week 3: Super Salads - what are they and how do I make them?
• Week 4: ‘Think outside the lunchbox’ - breakfast and snacks to keep you going
Managing the Menopause (for World Menopause Day on 18th October)
Join Jane to demystify the menopause, peri-menopause and midlife.
If you are a women in your 40s or 50s and your hormones are making you feel like an angry, irritable teenager, then this session will help you make sense of it all. From mood swings and anxiety, to weight gain, low libido, hot flushes and night sweats, this webinar will help you discover how the food we eat can make all difference to our hormone balance.
Join and discover how simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can help you look and feel your very best.
Vital Nutrition’s Hybrid Working is a 4-week course packed with health, nutrition and wellbeing advice! What's it all about?
1. Balancing the new normal - Ideas and strategies to help you manage stress and anxiety - How nutrition can help balance mood and emotions
2. Planning and meal prep - What’s on your shopping list? - Getting organised to save you time, effort and money
3. Eating well on a budget - Simple swaps to save on your food bill & ideas to help reduce food waste
4. Healthy choices for eating out & what now? - A guided tour of popular menus to help you make the best choices & next steps!
If any WIB Members are interested in running these workshops for their workplace, just drop an email to 
Vital Nutrition also have a few options for individuals:
Sugar Fix Tuesday 7th September 7pm
10 Day Super Charge your Immunity Challenge – OPEN NOW!
Do you want to eat in a way that helps you reach your ideal weight, gives you boundless energy and helps manage female hormone fluctuations? Vital Nutrition’s Revitalise membership is packed with ideas to help you get your spark back! Doors to new members open in September, join the waiting list today. Revitalise Club with Jane McClenaghan — Vital Nutrition (