Francesca Fennell, Founder of Joob Joobs Ltd

Francesca Fennell is the Founder of Joob Joobs Ltd – an independent confectionery platform. “My inspiration for my business started several years ago when I realised there was such a lack of new confectionery products within the supermarkets especially when there are growing vegan trends”, says Francesca, as she began to source unique products with highly visual packaging to create her own modern day sweet shop!


Joob Joobs aims to become the best online platform in confectionery; introducing customers to new brands, which in turn, will reduce the consumption of global brands. Helping small businesses to become medium size businesses with Joob Joobs growth support in a short time scale! Based in Holywood, Co. Down, Francesca shares her ambitions for the business, “My ambitions with Joob Joobs is to bring forth independent confectionery suppliers to the high streets as well as grow our amazing confectionery platform online. We are a company that not only finds great products but creates our own lines of sweets for our customers and we hope to expand our range into next year. ''


It took Francesca 2 years to create her own supplier chain of independent confectionery - unlike supermarkets or sweet shops on high street, Joob Joobs don't use any wholesalers for products. All of the products are not in any supermarket in NI. The current Joob Joobs line of sweets include 12 products so far, including their own chocolate bars and exclusive USA products such as the first biodegradable bubble-gum! A subscription service to Joob Joobs and seasonal gifting options are also to be introduced as options that the platform can offer. Francesca is also proud of the fact that on the launch of Joob Joobs, she had over 25% vegan products which were not in the main UK supermarkets!


Having faced initial difficulties to find a landlord who was willing to support a start up in retail, Francesca had originally planned to open a Belfast retail unit in March 2020. However, due to the lockdown, the timing was not ideal, but exciting plans are in place to open stores in urban Belfast post-Christmas! Amazingly, 10% of Joob Joobs profits also go to charity!


Visit to learn more and shop the amazing range at Joob Joobs! You can also catch up Francesca on Instagram @joobjoobsfounder and the team at @joobjoobsuk