Samantha Kirk- VP of Engineering and Belfast Site Lead at Dynamic Signal

I have had a fantastic and enjoyable career so far within IT, working across various sectors and many roles.  I am passionate about digital transformation and led large-scale digital transformation programmes within the Public sector, before taking some time off to have my beautiful baby girl. 
Maternity leave gave me a lot of time to not only bond with my baby but also think about my career and where I wanted to go.  It helped me decide that I wanted a new challenge and with the IT industry booming, there seemed like no better time to look for a new opportunity, so I started my search. 
I came across a Silicon Valley based software company called Dynamic Signal, who provides a platform that helps large companies communicate and engage with their staff.  I thought, if this company helps other companies engage their workforce then surely it must be an exciting and engaging place to work.  Turns out I was right!!
Joining Dynamic Signal as VP of Engineering for Europe and Site Lead for the new Belfast Headquarters in January 2019 has taken me on an amazing journey.  Dynamic Signal spotted the talent pool that we have here in Belfast and has chosen to set up a a second Engineering headquarters here bringing over 100 new jobs over the next 3-4 years.
I am responsible for the setup and ambitious growth of the Belfast site and also the Engineering Strategy and driving change within the organisation in order to effectively scale and meet the increasing customer demand. 
Truly believing in your product is paramount for any leader.  With over a third of your life spent at work, our goal is to make a positive impact on people’s work lives both within our customers organisations and also within our own organisation.
With a team of 9 people already and growing day by day, I am focused on creating a positive and enjoyable environment for people to thrive in, succeed in and feel a true sense of achievement in.  The ultimate goal is a happy, talented, effective team delivering great things to be proud of!
Whether you are looking for a new challenge and want to hear more about the roles we have or want to find out a bit more about our product and what we do, please get in touch.