Belfast Met Supporting Innovation Webinars

Join Belfast Met for a series of Innovation based webinars to help support your business.
Webinar 1
Explore how Progressive Web Apps can help you reach more customers and grow your business
5th March, 11am – 12pm
Progressive Web Apps are a ‘can’t-miss technology’, whatever your business size.   Delivering highly engaging user experiences, whilst also reaching new user bases, Progressive Web Apps provide the same high-converting, app-like experience to a much larger audience on the mobile web.
This webinar will be take you through the concept of a Progressive Web App, what it could mean to your business with examples of how other companies have benefitted from this approach. 
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Webinar 2
Unlock value for your business with Internet of Things in 2021  
12th March, 2pm – 3pm   
The technology behind Internet of Things has continued to grow with businesses utilising sensor technology for remote monitoring in areas such as; logistics and tracking of inventory, managing facilities, structure and utilisation of buildings and monitoring health of individuals.
Join us as Belfast Met lecturer, Martin Naughton, joined by McFarland Consulting, will showcase and detail for you the different uses and benefits of Internet of Things technology and how your business can unlock it’s potential.
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Webinar 3 Graphic
How to Start a Business Podcast   
15th March12pm – 1pm   
As businesses continue to explore different ways to engage and connect with their customers, many businesses have chosen to explore podcasting technology as a simple and easy to use technology.    
Belfast Met lecturers will take you through the technology, how to structure a podcast and the editing process behind it to show you the simple steps you need to take to setup your own business podcast. In addition, they will be joined by a local company, Peter Corry Productions, who will showcase how they have developed a new podcast.
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Webinar 4
Ideas, Insights & Innovation - An introduction to User Centred Design  
24th March, 2pm – 3pm  
Ideas are a stepping stone to innovation, but without real insights into the end user you run the risk of making a product no one wants or is unfit for purpose.  To develop a successful product or service you must understand the needs, expectations, motivations, and frustrations of the user.
In this webinar we will look at the first stages of user centred design and provide some practical tools that can be used. Following on from this taster webinar there will be an opportunity for a 1:1 workshop to explore how these methods can be directly applied to your sector, business or Idea.
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Webinar 5
Making Ideas Real - The Journey from Innovation to Manufacturing in the Fashion and Textiles Industry  
30th March, 10am – 11.30am  
This webinar will bring together Design and Manufacturing experts Kate Hills from Make it British and Fiona Bennington from Nuli Design, as well as Innovation Experts from Belfast Met who will take you through the steps from ideation and design through to sourcing manufacturing partners. 
We will then hear from local entrepreneur and business owner Irene Breen, from Bella Moon to chat about her journey from design to manufacture of her award-winning product. Finally, we will have an interactive panel discussion, where we will invite questions from participants to our guest speakers.
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