Employees First – Allstate Northern Ireland’s Approach To The Pandemic

Allstate NI are known for always putting employee health and wellbeing at the forefront of their values. As they approach their one-year anniversary of remote working, we look back at how they have supported all aspects of their employees’ wellbeing.

From the outset, it was acknowledged that each employee may have different requirements for flexibility when working from home. The company encouraged all employees to work a pattern that suited them and allowed for extra flexibility. They also introduced an initiative called ‘Brighten Up Your Break’ encouraging employees to take longer breaks and make the most of the limited hours of daylight.
To look after their physical wellbeing, well known fitness instructor Mr. Motivator provided Allstate NI with fun, high energy, motivational fitness sessions for the whole family. It was an opportunity for the whole family to come together, take time out of their day for something light-hearted and positive, while also supporting their physical wellbeing. 
From a mental health perspective, the Allstate NI Mental Health First Aid team organised a ‘Time To Talk’ session, where employees talked openly on a panel session about their mental health experiences during the Covid-19 Pandemic and shared resources.
The company were proud to host their first ‘Home School Hacks’ sessions on 9th February for their employees. The two sessions focussed around tips for effective home schooling for parents of primary and secondary school children. Marcella Wilson and Sarah Workman from Donaghey Primary School and Juliette Barber from St. Cecilia’s College spoke alongside a panel of Allstate parents about how to cope with home schooling as working parents and shared their personal experiences.
The company also prioritised financial wellbeing for their employees. They regularly sent pulse surveys to employees to gauge how they were feeling about the effects of Covid-19 and working from home and used the results to implement two new support programs.
In November, Allstate introduced a companywide initiative called the ‘Good Office Program’. This entitled every employee to spend a fixed sum on equipment like desks, chairs and monitors to help them work from home more effectively. This enabled employees to have an excellent, permanent home office set up to keep in place even when they return to the office, so that hybrid working can be effective and productive.

In December, Allstate launched the Covid Holiday Support Scheme, for employees and their families, with the aim of helping those who had suffered financial hardship in their personal lives, as a direct result of Covid-19. This global programme was well received across all locations.
Most recently, Allstate NI have also announced their partnership with Women’s Aid. Announced on International Women’s Day, the company vowed to help eliminate domestic violence by providing technical support, fundraising and leadership mentoring services.

John Healy, Managing Director for Allstate NI said “The events of 2020 challenged many businesses, employers and staff, but none can compare to the challenges facing women trapped at home in abusive relationships. We are proud to mark International Women’s Day with this partnership and will continue our advocacy to end domestic violence and foster a society where women can live and work without the fear of violence or discrimination.”