Glandore Belfest, Bringing Wellbeing to the Workplace

As part of International Wellbeing Week, Glandore Belfast hosted a special wellbeing event focused on 'Making Wellbeing a Priority in the Workplace'.
Leading flexible workspace and coworking company Glandore believe that every business and its employees need the right environment to achieve their full potential. And without content and motivated staff, no company can strive for success. Glandore believe that focusing on wellbeing in the workplace and genuine care for the mental on physical wellbeing of all staff are essential to the success of any company.
A family-run business, founded in 2001, Glandore’s aim is to create environments that encourage, inspire and support the growth of the companies and individuals they house. Under the guidance of Glandore Director, Clare Kelly, the complimentary Glandore Wellness Programme deliver and bring in a range of modern and innovative services, including on-site nutritionists, yoga classes, on-site barbers and hairdressers and on-site masseuses, to create a healthier workplace and enhance productivity. Wellness is not a tick-box exercise for Glandore, wellness is a way of life and one that Clare and the team in Glandore Belfast plan to live to the full!
Clare began her career as an occupational therapist and, as a result,  has developed a huge passion for workplace wellbeing and a need to understand what motivates her staff and what enables them to perform to the best of their ability. During this event Clare, alongside fellow panellists, chatted through the motivations behind their wellbeing initiatives as well as the importance and benefits to staff, the business and the wider community.
Clare was joined by a stellar panel on the night, including:
  • Kathy Bell - Talent Acquisition Manager at FinTrU. Alongside her day job, Kathy leads FinTrU’s health and wellbeing strategy, TrU Wellness.
  • Valerie McConville - Head of Business Development at Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Valerie is also a yoga instructor.
  • Claire Clerkin - Nutritional Therapist. Claire leads Wiser Working's wellness practice and oversees their client diagnostic assessments.
The panel were guided through a very insightful discussion by Glandores own Nial Borthistle who posed some tough questions to them on the true nature of their wellness initiatives and buy in from employees. Clare Kelly from Glandore emphasized that ‘Wellness is not just a tick box for Glandore, it is about really getting to know what our members and employees need at a deeper level, knowing what they need to be comfortable, motivated and productive in the workplace and knowing what will keep a smile on their faces on a day to day basis. Staff retention is key in our business and making sure people our bought in and have shared goals is essential’.
Following the panel discussion, Andrew Trimble, ex-Irish International Rugby Player and now business owner and podcaster, chatted through his journey from focusing on health and wellbeing as a professional athlete to managing it alongside a business.
Andrew’s key takeaway on the night was that ‘business should not just be about timeleeping and routine, it’s about understanding and tailoring your modes of operation to suit your staff and ensure that they can operate at the highest level possible. Getting to know each staff member on a personal level is key and truly understanding what makes them tick.'