Glandore Bring a Positive & Green Energy to Staff and Members

A family-run business, founded in 2001, Glandore’s aim is to create environments that encourage, inspire and support the growth of the companies and individuals they house. Under the guidance of Glandore Director, Clare Kelly, the complimentary Glandore Wellness Programme delivers a range of modern and innovative services, including on-site nutritionists, yoga classes, on-site barbers, hairdressers and on-site masseuses, to create a greener, healthier workplace and enhance productivity.
Operating in the high-end serviced office space for so many years, Glandore have a deep understanding of how difficult a task it can be for companies to get set up in Ireland and then to attract and retain staff, there is so much expected of businesses now in terms of what their employees expect back, and they have a right to expect as much, a business's people are its most valuable commodity. Glandore understand that every business and its employees need the right environment to achieve their full potential and without content and motivated staff, no company can strive for success.
Glandore believe that focusing on wellbeing in the workplace can assist with the growth of the companies that they work with and that genuine care for the mental and physical wellbeing of staff and member businesses is essential to the success of any company in their industry. The workplace is not just about clocking in and clocking out anymore, it’s about bringing a sense of achievement and support to people’s lives. After all, people spend over 8 hours a day in their place of work and alongside their colleagues so it’s important to ensure that they are feeling positive, motivated and ‘well’.
Glandore have seen that businesses, including themselves, that adopt and administer thought out wellness programs are guaranteed to see an increase in productivity from staff and in turn, an increase in revenue, what’s the old saying ‘invest in your staff and your staff will invest time in you’!
As part of Glandore’s Wellness Program and International Wellbeing Week they recently hosted a panel discussion in the Belfast offices on ‘Workplace Wellbeing’, which featured Kathy Bell, Talent Acquisition Manager at FinTrU, Valerie McConville, Head of Business Development at Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Claire Clerkin, Nutritional Therapist and Glandore’s own Clare Kelly. Nial Borthistle, Business Development Manager at Glandore, guided the panel through a very insightful discussion on workplace wellbeing and posed some tough questions to them on the true nature of their wellness initiatives, what they are hoping to achieve and buy in from employees.
Clare Kelly from Glandore emphasized that: ‘Wellness is not just a tick box for Glandore, it is about really getting to know what our members and employees need at a deeper level, knowing what they need to be comfortable, motivated and productive in the workplace and knowing what will keep a smile on their faces on a day to day basis. Staff retention is key in our business and making sure people are bought in and have shared goals is essential.’
Following the panel discussion, Andrew Trimble, ex-Irish International Rugby Player and now business owner (Kairos Sports) and podcaster (House of Rugby), chatted through his journey from focusing on health and wellbeing as a professional athlete to managing it alongside a business. Andrew said: ‘Going from having every meal and move thought out for me by a team of people to having to do it for myself and my team in Kairos was difficult, a lot of it was new to me and very personal in terms of needs but I now understand that the over all wellness of my team is essential to their productivity and buy-in, they need to be enjoying what they do and to feel valued.’
Glandore doesn’t just focus on the wellbeing of its staff without considering the environment too. At Glandore, they recently launched their ‘Green Initiative’ in an effort to make a difference to the wellness of the world around them as well the business’ internal environment. The Glandore Green initiative, led by an internal ‘Green Team’, seeks to make Glandore the most sustainable and green serviced office and flexible workspace provider in Ireland.
Speaking about the initiative, Glandore Director, Clare Kelly said: ‘Coworking and flexible workspace by their very definition are green. It’s not just a sharing of ideas but of space, heat, light and other resources. Applying techniques such as smart light sensors and solar panels, Glandore is Ireland’s first flexible workspace and coworking company to state their commitment to using 100% renewable energy. Often companies and individuals believe recycling is enough but as an organization, we believe it’s important to take it a step further. Naturally we want to increase recycling rates, but the priority is to reduce waste entirely.’
As part of their Green Initiative Glandore is Using 100% renewable energy across all of their locations in Ireland and has also expanded its recycling and composting facilities across its nine locations, with the aim of reducing the contamination of recyclables and waste overall. The company has also begun installing electric car charging ports in some of their locations and will be holding a number of ‘Green’ focused talks with industry experts for their members and the general public throughout the rest of 2019 and in to 2020.
In 2019 Glandore also declared its newest office space location in Cork City as its first plastic-free, flexible office space in Ireland. Glandore provide reusable amenities across all their facilities, including their Belfast offices and have worked with their suppliers to ensure that deliveries are plastic-free and that other packaging coming on-site is reduced. Glandore are looking forward to extending this ban on plastic within their offices across the nine locations in Ireland throughout the remainder of 2019. Glandore are now fully committed to seeking positive change in the communities where their offices are based and embraces the opportunity and responsibility to increase green initiatives with staff, members and the wider community in Belfast.