Is your Digital Journey on Track?

“In today’s increasingly fast-paced business world, change is inevitable, and companies need to evolve and adapt to meet the relentless demands of their environment.” That’s the message from leading ICT solutions provider Fujitsu who has developed a Digital Assessment Tool to help businesses benchmark and understand their progress in today’s era of digital transformation. 
According to a recent independent report commissioned by Fujitsu, 98% of businesses have been disrupted by digital in the last year. To make the most of the transformative impact of digital, the research reveals that businesses should look to bring equilibrium to four vital ingredients - People, Actions, Collaboration and Technology – in order to achieve digital maturity and agility. Fujitsu’s Digital Assessment Tool therefore is designed to help companies unpack and refine their digital strategy by investigating key pillars across their businesses including innovation, skills and talent development, forward planning, the customer user experience and productivity. Fujitsu can then produce an Assessment Report which offers insight and advice. 
Speaking about the Digital Assessment Tool and the opportunities brought about by digital transformation, Sinead Dillon, Principal Consultant at Fujitsu, said: “Digital transformation is challenging businesses in every sector to flex their digital muscles, embrace change and to rethink their digital strategy in order to survive and thrive. Companies therefore must consider harnessing the power of new technologies, their people and new partnerships if they are to effectively meet the needs of their customers and maintain competitive advantage.” “Initially, such a cultural change can be daunting and requires organisations to continually challenge the status quo and experiment. Our Digital Assessment Tool therefore is a great way for companies to start that process of change and take steps to become more agile.”
Fujitsu’s research also reveals that while nine in ten business leaders (90%) say their organisation now has a clearly defined digital strategy, three quarters (74%) say that projects are often undertaken that aren’t linked to the overarching business strategy, and two in three (66%) say the cost of failure has put them off future digital transformation.
Sinead continues; “On such a complex yet vital journey, a key approach to harnessing the power of digital transformation is co-creation – working in partnership with an expert, co-creating a strategy to realise your digital vision, create new value together and drive innovation. To capitalise on the opportunities presented, now is the time for industry leaders to develop a vision for a digitally-transformed world and implement their digital business architecture. Co-creation is all about realising that vision and requires a new style of technology that connects everything, learns from data, generates intelligence and empowers people to make better decisions.”