Make your business idea happen with Back Her Business! 

Have you got a business idea? One that makes you light up when you think about it but you put it to the back of  your mind? Back Her Business could help you to make that idea happen.    

So what is Back Her Business? Ulster Bank and Crowdfunder, the UK’s number #1 crowdfunding platform, have  teamed up and they want it to be the UK’s most exciting and accessible business start-up programme for women.  Why not  take the first steps today and tell them your idea in 100 words ​here​.    

To be a part of the programme where you could get up to £5,000 in match funding as well as support and  coaching, women need to match the eligibility criteria which includes: identifying as female, living and having  their business based in the UK and finally, not have already turned over £1,000 per annum for that business idea.  Back Her Business is ready to make brand new businesses happen. For more information, you can read the  criteria in full ​here​.

CEO of NatWest Group – which Ulster Bank are a part of – Alison Rose published ​The Rose Review​ a year ago  and said,​ “The UK has one of the most vibrant entrepreneurial communities in the world, but only one in three of our  entrepreneurs is female – we need to be more ambitious and find ways to unlock the huge untapped potential.”   

That’s right, only one in three! Back Her Business was born as a key initiative to help female entrepreneurs and a  year in, the team has already seen incredible stories from ​women making their businesses happen​.    

It’s not just in Northern Ireland either. Back Her Business is also a key initiative for ​NatWest, for women in  England and Wales​ and ​Royal Bank of Scotland for women in Scotland​.     

Why crowdfund​?  It’s a good question. Why not just get a loan? Through crowdfunding, you can gain early stage validation for your  business  in the form of supporters and backers, meaning you can test your idea, build your community, develop  your business and make your first sale.   

Crowdfunder has expert coaching, support and an exclusive crowdfunding platform for women to start  businesses and Ulster Bank provides match funding up to £5,000 to certain successful projects.    

So why not make your business happen with Back Her Business? Tell them your idea in 100 words ​here​ and take  the first step towards being your own boss.    For UK residents with new UK based projects. Eligibility, fees and specific criteria apply: