Same Workplaces, Different Workspaces Keep Your Team Connected With Glandore

With the overall productivity and output of employees across the island of Ireland improving across the board over the past number of months we are seeing that a lot of companies are seriously reconsidering the amount of capital that is being put into rent on an annual basis for larger properties with their brand name on the front door. Remote working works, but companies also need to be able to create a culture for employees to buy in to, the importance of the office environment cannot be overlooked… So how do they do that without eating into their profits due to high rents? Go serviced!

The terms on licence agreements for serviced offices are and can be a lot shorter than those of traditional leases and that in turn, frees up capital for companies to invest in their products and employees. As one of the larger serviced office providers in Ireland we understand the importance of office culture but we also understand the importance of flexibility, something that businesses and their employees now want and need more than ever. Some businesses that may have been traditionally inflexible have had to adapt and adapt quickly due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, their ‘new-normal’ is now to be flexible and to provide their employees with the support to do so…

Downsizing office space does not mean downsizing your company. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It will allow some, not all, companies to expand that bit quicker. Serviced office spaces can be set up in a way that allows a company to have a base, a HQ, a home and create a culture that those that are working remotely can tap in to, but can also be apart from, where necessary.

To give employees the option is the key, have enough space that those that want a desk in an office can have it, but for those that do not need it, the company does not have to spend the money on it, instead, they can invest a small amount to help their staff member get set up at home. The future of work is flexible, companies will have to accommodate for the lack of childcare, the risk of a commute on public transport, the risk of another pandemic and the even grimmer risk of another economic crash. The safety of serviced offices is that companies can sign up for 6 months, 12 months, 18 months or more and at the end of said terms they can extend, renegotiate, scale up or scale down based on the needs of their business and the ever changing economic landscape.

At Glandore, Ireland’s leading provider of serviced, flexible, private office space and coworking, they have an in-depth understanding of the markets in which our client and member businesses operate. Our mission is to help companies land and expand and to provide a professional network that can help businesses grow. Glandore are experts in their field having been active in the market since 2001 and have spent that time working with businesses from Ireland and abroad to help them grow in the Irish and Euro markets.

Glandore have everything covered, from Operations to IT Services and more. As we navigate these difficult times, Glandore want to do everything they can to help businesses thrive and they have developed bespoke Remote Team and Virtual Office packages to help keep your business connected. They provide a platform to connect your teams with other Glandore Members via their Members Portal and through regular virtual events. With newly designed collaboration spaces and state of the art meeting rooms, Glandore has everything your business may need as you navigate remote working and plan your return to the office.

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