The latest WIB Ambassador, Jennifer Cairns

A warm welcome to Jennifer Cairns as the latest Ambassador to join the Women in Business network!
Jennifer lives in Lisburn, Northern Ireland with her husband, two boys and dog. Not only is Jennifer a neurodiverse award-winning entrepreneur, International Bestselling Author, speaker and changemaker – she is the founder at BEA & Lady Rebel Club®. Helping women entrepreneurs who are neurodiverse and/or who have a hidden disability/disorder be happy being their unique selves while building a business that fits their life and definition of success. Jennifer does this by using her proprietary Rebel Brand Method© and B.A.D. Framework©, offering a free Facebook® community, workshops, summits, speaking events, intensives, masterminds and a membership.
Jennifer’s big vision is for women to see that each of us are a goldmine with value to give and that nobody sets our limits, but us. Simultaneously, to stir things up on social, business and institutional levels, so we evolve hearts, minds and attitudes while creating a diverse, purposeful and even playing field that values unique experiences, thinking, talents, ideas and people. 
As WIB’s newest Ambassador, Jennifer will be supporting diversity by helping Women in Business to fly the flag for women in entrepreneurship and leadership roles across Northern Ireland who are neurodiverse and/or who have a hidden disability/disorder (NDHDD). Jennifer has very kindly agreed to help Women in Business, a registered Charity, with its fundraising efforts and will be donating a significant proportion of the profits of her book, Becoming an Unstoppable Woman, to Women in Business. Check out the fabulous book here!
We are delighted to have Jennifer join WIB as an Ambassador with a focus on NDHDD Diversity and look forward to working on a range of projects with her in the New Year!
*The terms lady, woman/en and any other gender-based lingo refers to and includes anyone who identifies as a woman, is non-binary or who simply feels marginalised and/or identifies with BEA & Lady Rebel Club’s values.