Virgin Media Business: How to empower the customer-pleasing entrepreneurs in your business

Our Partners at Virgin Media Business give meaningful insight into how you can help the customer-pleasing entrepreneurs in your business.
73% of consumers say customer experience has an impact on their purchasing decisions, more so than price or product quality, according to a survey by PwC.
So how do you get it right?
In short: it’s all about people and the service they deliver. Empower them to do amazing things and they’ll make your customers happy again and again. Simple.
Except it’s not that simple. Not when your IT infrastructure means you’re always lagging several miles behind any changes in customer demand. Thankfully, there are ways around this challenge.
Enabling local teams to serve customers better
An increasing number of organisations are partnering with other brands to help meet local demand.
Earlier this year we heard that Iceland will start selling its produce in The Range – a move its chairman said will “make (Iceland’s) unique food range available to more customers in a new type of location.”
And in the summer this year, ecommerce giant Amazon announced it would launch 10 pop-up shops across the UK, partnering with 100 small online businesses to make their products available on the high street for the very first time. For ideas like these to become a reality you need to empower people to make decisions. To implement change. To move fast. To act in an entrepreneurial way. That means enabling them to bypass the long-winded investment and approval processes that usually hold progress back in large organisations.
For that you need a network that can cope with this agile way of operating. One that allows you to easily adopt new cloud-based communication tools that help your people serve your customers better. One that enables staff to set up a local technology trial or new partnership and test that service without any risk to your wider network. 
Setting good ideas free
At the start of this article we suggested customer experience is the only real brand differentiator in today’s economy. And it’s true. It’s also true that positive experience comes from empowering your people through technology.
So how do you ensure you can keep up? How do you empower your people to create those amazing experiences at both a local and national level? The network is going to play a massive part in that. Why? Because a modern network will allow you to quickly and easily adapt to new digital technology that meets the changing needs of your customers.
Look around your organisation. You probably have more entrepreneurs than you think. Give them a network that supports their ideas and gives them the digital tools they need, and you might just see what they’re capable of.