Your guide to secure connectivity

Digital technology has transformed the UK’s business environment. Companies from almost every industry are moving key elements of their business model online, whilst a wave of digitally savvy start-ups are making the most of the exciting new opportunities the internet has to offer.
In order to fully embrace this digital transformation however, it’s vital that businesses are equipped with connectivity solutions that facilitate growth and encourage innovation.
Connectivity solutions like Dedicated Internet Access and ultrafast broadband are helping businesses make their mark online, providing the speed, stability and bandwidth necessary for a truly agile digital presence.
Unfortunately, the explosive growth of new technology has brought with it new security challenges. A staggering 35% of UK businesses affected by a security breach in 2017 admitted that they changed absolutely nothing1 in the months following the incident, a clear demonstration that for many, staying secure whilst still pursuing digital innovation can seem like a tricky balancing act! 
As businesses develop their digital architecture, great security forms an integral component of the connectivity solution: helping to ensure productivity, preventing financial loss and above all, providing peace of mind to businesses as they continue to innovate and grow into the digital sphere.
A well thought out strategy, when it comes to improving connectivity, means that your business can implement thorough security protocols whilst remaining agile. Allowing you to embrace scalable solutions like Dedicated Internet Access, whilst enjoying the protection of a managed firewall, for example.
Developing your digital strategy with our guide to secure connectivity empowers you with the knowledge to make the right decisions for your business.
With 98% of SMEs already investing or planning to invest in security2, it's more important than ever that the connectivity solution you choose synergises with your security needs, protecting your business from both immediate and future threats.
What’s more, with the new changes to GDPR now in full force, it’s vital that even small businesses implement robust security measures that adequately protect their customer’s data, or risk hefty fines.
Our Guide to Secure Connectivity is designed to help SMEs transform their digital architecture whilst developing a deeper understanding of the potential security challenges that may face them in a digital world. To find out more, you can download your copy of the guide here