Coaching and therapy takes to the field!

We all have periods in our life when it would help to talk to someone, to see things more clearly. But the thought of sitting face to face with someone trying to talk about personal stuff just doesn’t appeal, so we don’t bother. Tania provides this service, but out in the open air using horses or other animals! Sound strange? Horses help people express themselves more openly and honestly. They mimick our behaviour and help us relax. They don’t judge us on what we wear, how we look and they can teach us self awareness.. Working with the horses the healing process is shorter and less time and money is spent. They are also prey animals that react quickly to perceived threats, to changes in their environment and even changes in people’s attitudes.  This means horses give immediate feedback when clients approach them in different ways.  
Rangeview Therapy Centre is set in a rural picturesque environment only 20mins from Belfast. Sessions can be offered to individuals or groups and first consultation is being offered to Women in Business members free of charge. 

Tania who is an Australian who grew up in Africa has spent many years in the outback/bush of these countries experiencing nature at its best, she is very passionate about bringing individuals on a journey of self-discovery and healing, to deal with any emotional difficulties, problems or mental health issues.  

She is qualified in Therapeutic Counselling, Cognitive Therapy and working towards level 6 in Equine Coaching. She has particular expertise and experience with children, having been a foster carer for 8 years and dealt on a day to day basis with childrens mental health and trauma. This type of therapy is ideal for children or young adults as it wont feel like “therapy” or “counselling” but having fun with the horses or smaller animals. Specialist training includes Learning Disability, Behavioural Management, Sexual abuse, Attachment and loss, neglect, substance  misuse, child protection. 

Tania also volunteers with Childline, Homestart, MACP Trauma and Addiction and the Travelling Community. 

Remember “Therapy” is not just for when you have a major trauma. If you feel worried or stressed, need to share a problem, feel drained, have noisy confusion in your head,..then just a few sessions can bring you relief and renew your energy. 

Contact Tania Watson on 07738550076 or email