Software solutions 15% discount for WIB members

Too many businesses in Northern Ireland are loosing so much time each day due to inefficient operations. Can’t afford to invest in software solutions? You can now get the skills of a senior developer, the quality similar to a large consultancy firm, but without the big bill.

Ritu of IEngageIT has over 20 years experience in software design and has started her own small business based in Belfast. Ritu simply wants to make life easier for local business and can look at any business problem, process or challenge and work out a solution.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Stock control system
  • Supply chain management
  • Content management solutions
  • Workflow systems
  • Media management system
  • Medical assessment system

“We have benefited immensely with increased productivity. We continue to work with iEngageIT who are very dependable and technically strong” Liz Lavery, MD On Music Media, Belfast

Ritu has just completed the Power of 4 programme at Women in Business. She says “It has been great as while I am very confident about my software skills I have never had to try and sell myself or my skills before as I was always an employee”. She has now been offered a place on the Entrepreneurial Spark programme, an RBS initiative which will support entrepreneurs with high growth potential with premises, costs and mentoring support. “ I am excited and delighted to be part of this fantastic group!.”

A customised software solution could save you as much as 30% in your productivity.

A little investment now can save a lot of time and money!

We can offer a free assessment to look at your needs and suggest solutions.

And until March 2016 are offering Women in Business members 15% discount on fees.

We look forward to hearing from you. @iEngageIT Mobile 07578302959