VirtuAli takes away the pain of admin!

Administration is the greatest pain in business. Yet it doesn’t have to be. You can use a Virtual Assistant as and when you need. Can’t afford it? My hourly cost is likely a lot less than what you can make per hour, freeing you up to do what you are good at.

Are you a busy entrepreneur who doesn’t have enough hours in the day to manage all administrative tasks you have? 

Do you need someone you can trust implicitly with confidential data related to your business and who can hit the ground running?

This is where I - VirtuAli Administrative Solutions can help.

Virtual Assistant Industry

I am one of several ‘Virtual’ Assistants (VA) who now exist in rapidly growing sector in Northern Ireland. Definition of a Virtual Assistant: 'a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services’

Virtual assistants have grown in demand to supply the need of small business owners who don’t always have the resources to hire administrative help on a full time basis but who may need help: at certain times of the year (e.g. collating/formatting annual reports), for ongoing support for time tedious tasks (e.g. creating mail chimp lists) and/or for a specific project (e.g. researching a new CRM system).

Advantages for business owner?

  • You make money - Per hour I cost comparatively less than what you charge your clients granting you more higher fee earning time
  • You are in control-as you pay me only for hours you need me
  • You regain some work life balance because even if you hire me for only 4hrs a week, that’s a half day extra for you to concentrate on growing your business/doing things you like to do
  • You still have your own space as you don’t have someone intruding on your personal space (especially if you work from home) as I use latest technologies to work virtually from my office

For a little bit about me and list of services I provide, please consult my website   As every business owner is unique and experiences admin ‘pain’ in different areas, I’m happy to discuss on a case by case basis (Email : Tel. 077962 40677).

Since starting my business May 2015, my clients have included a matchmaking company, an international aid agency, a vet, several HR consultants and an author.