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Cassie Jane Buckley, Social Media Strategist & Founder of Maid in Media


Tuesday 26 July 2022

Cassie Jane Buckley, Social Media Strategist & Founder of Maid in Media I am a Social Media Strategist and Founder of Maid in Media, an agency that supports entrepreneurs to grow their independent businesses through the power of social media.

I started Maid in Media in the middle of the pandemic when I saw how independent businesses struggled to connect with their customers whilst their doors were locked. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to work with small business owners and support them in making social media an effortless part of the day-to-day running of their businesses.

My expertise was developed whilst living in England and growing my first platform, Maid in Oxford, where I focused on celebrating community, highlighting local producers, and helping other businesses get noticed online. The process of growing this platform was life-changing and has enabled me to equip myself with all the tips, tricks, and experiences I need to bring your online brand to life.

Before Maid in Media, I worked for several years in Communications and Diversity and Inclusion with Oxford University Press. I am passionate about maintaining D&I principles in my work and being able to create a brand story that is inclusive of everyone in your community.

During my time in Oxford, I also ran my own independent businesses for several years. I experienced just about every pain point that a business owner can face; from launch to growth and even to crisis management (cheers Covid-19!) Managing my own digital marketing from the beginning has given me unique insights into what really works in changing the dial for business owners and enabling them to flourish and grow.

This is what makes the Maid in Media approach different. It’s all about efficiency. I work with busy business owners to support them in making the most amount of impact, in the least amount of time. This gives them more hours and energy in the week to do what they do best - their business!

We kick this off with a social media strategy, followed by coaching sessions to finesse a workflow that works for you. This is a holistic process that factors in your whole lifestyle to ensure you're not just building your best business, but your best life.
If you would like to keep to keep up with Cassie Jane you can connect on LinkedIn and follow the Maid in Media social channels – Instagram & Facebook. Not forgetting the Maid in Media website here!

Tuesday 26 July 2022

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