The Wonderful World of Women in Business

Like all things in life you get out what you put in and the same can be said of Women in Business.  As a member of the network we look forward to seeing you at networking events and masterclasses. We hope to inspire you through conferences and speaker lunches; we provide programmes which upskill and provide you with the confidence to take the next step, whatever the next step is and that is the beauty of this network.

If you are on the first step of the ladder in an SME or a large corporation we will provide you with the platform to extend your circle and meet new people. Networking is key, whether it be to build up a friend-base in a new city; a group of colleagues with which to chat through common interests or challenges; or to grow your network to help further advance your career.  We’ll provide you with lots of opportunities to meet with and hear women who have been where you were and have succeeded in making their way and are interested, yes interested, in helping you and others do the same.

If you are starting up your own business, we have masterclasses to help provide you with the tools to succeed, we have programmes and a wonderful network of fellow entrepreneurs and business owners who have come through their first year, are still trading and starting to expand and grow.

For those of you who have reached middle management. Having been amazing at your job and gained promotion, how confident are you in managing direct reports? We have leadership courses and programmes; we have resilience training to ensure you manage yourself in your world and of course you will also have your peers and senior management and CEOs in the network to meet and greet.

For the business owners who are firmly on two feet and are growing their business, wehave put in a new two day growth residential just for you! You have the whole network to network with and find new opportunities. We are both your customers and your peer support. 

For the senior management & CEOs, you have made it to the top and we love that we have so many fabulous representatives from this area of our network so willing to contribute, to give back, to help others on their journey and to inspire. Of course not forgetting the invaluable peer to peer networking.

To all of you, you have a fabulous opportunity for one to one mentoring for free for a year. We believe so highly in the value of this service with both our mentors and mentees deriving so much benefit. As a culture, it continues to grow; women supporting women. Offering their knowledge, their experience and their network. It works.  

So for those of you who are on the cusp of renewing your membership, get cracking! Grasp the opportunity being presented to you.  Accept the support and help at whatever level you are at. Whether you are a CEO wanting to bounce ideas off another CEO; a business owner wanting a fresh approach; a middle manager looking for a new opportunity or you are just starting off your career and looking for a little guidance, we have the support right here… but you need to be a player to take part!

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