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Colleen Mc Areavey of Velvet Vixen


Monday 12 February 2024

Colleen Mc Areavey of Velvet Vixen
My name is Colleen McAreavey and I have worked in Business Development for over twenty years. I studied Social Policy & Administration at UUC and subsequently completed a Masters in Marketing & Entrepreneurship at UUJ. In addition to my role as a Business Adviser and Business Development Manager at Mallusk Enterprise Park, I own and manage a business called Communion Dress Boutique. This business, established six years ago, caters to the fashion needs of little girls. Whilst this is very different from my other job, it really is a lovely business to be involved in. 

In terms of family, I am married and have two daughters who love to get involved in the business, modelling the communion dresses and providing their creative input! My mum and dad are also an inspiration and have always encouraged me to strive to fulfil my potential, telling me to “do what makes me happy.” My family have an unrelenting belief in my ability, even at times when I’m faced with challenges or doubts. From my experience, I know how important family support is when running your own business. 

The spark for my latest venture, Velvet Vixen, ignited back in 2007 during a series of weddings within my family, including my own. As my three brothers tied the knot, my mum, sisters and I found our wardrobes filled with expensive outfits now deprived of the attention and admiration they deserved. In addition, my role in business development allowed me the opportunity to attend many formal events, with each dress worn only once. I knew then that this idea had potential, but the timing just wasn’t right.

So now, in 2024, I'm excited to turn the long-standing idea of Velvet Vixen into reality. The boutique is set to open in March at Edenmore House in Magheralin, with the aim of redefining opulence with a sustainable touch. The concept revolves around reselling designer mother-of-the-bride/groom, formal, vintage and special occasion outfits, ensuring these find new life and purpose. 

Currently, we are reaching out to individuals who own stunning designer pieces (which were previously boutique bought and hence not available online or on the high street), inviting them to join us in our pursuit of high-end sustainability and to utilise our resell service. This service allows the reseller to recoup some of the cost of their luxury items and free up that all-important wardrobe space. Velvet Vixen's ethos combines the allure of luxury with a commitment to sustainability, creating a haven for those seeking something that little bit different. For those interested in becoming a reseller, please visit our website for more information and for those who have a special event in 2024, follow us on our socials. 

I am so excited to see how Velvet Vixen evolves over the next few months and years and hope that our movement towards designer sustainability reaches the full potential that I know it has.

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Monday 12 February 2024

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