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60 Seconds with Edel Owens


Monday 5 February 2024

60 Seconds with Edel Owens
Tell us about your role and your organisation.
My name is Edel Owens and I'm the WholeFood Hero. I raise employee energy and productivity in blue-chip organisations by educating staff on the life-changing benefits of healthy, wholefood and the mindset to turn it into sustainable action. 

Give us a brief overview of your career journey so far.
I first took the leap into entrepreneurship in 2020, after being in the classroom for 15 years. My first corporate gig was with Google and from then on I knew I wanted to help raise the energy, productivity and long-term wellbeing of employees in blue-chip organisations.  
After completely transforming my own poor health and the health of friends and family members, when I first set up my business, I've been on a mission to spread the wholefood message ever since through a nutritional mindset. Educating employees on the powerful health benefits of healthy wholefood is just one piece of the puzzle though. The other piece is the mindset to turn the learning into sustainable action and this is definitely my USP! I help high-performance professionals and teams turn their thoughts into feelings, their feelings into actions and their actions into results: T + F + A = R 

Why is the mindset so important?
I've seen the unimaginable transformation that 'thinking in a certain way' can deliver in my own life in my diet, my energy, my wellbeing, my fitness, my family life and my career trajectory. When I began to see these amazing results show up in my own life, I knew I had to help other people close their 'knowing-doing gap' too. 
We have no idea the limitations we put on ourselves until we begin to listen to the stories we tell ourselves and this is why mindset is a game changer!   

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Motivated, passionate, empathetic

What is one skill that helps you most in your role?
The organisational skills I learned as a teacher.

What advice do you have for women in your sector/industry/type of role? 
Dive in. Worry about 'the how' later!

Are there any exciting plans in the year ahead in your organisation that you can share with us? 
Yes. I have been accepted into the Awaken Hub She Gen Programme so excited to see where that leads. I've also been added to a major events company listing which means I may be doing a lot more travel.

Who has been your biggest career inspiration and why?
There are many. I love how Bob Proctor carved his way to success. I'm also a huge Stephen Bartlett fan.

If you had to pick your soundtrack song to get you through the working day, what would it be?
Anything from the 90's that has an Indie or Rock vibe works for me! Maybe a wee bit of Prodigy or the early Stereophonics thrown in there too!

What's your favourite break-time snack?
Mixed nuts - almonds, Brazil nuts.

How can you fellow WIB members keep up to date with you and your organisation?
Connect with Edel on LinkedIn

Monday 5 February 2024

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