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Jules Alexander of Bid Excellence Ltd


Thursday 18 May 2023

Jules Alexander of Bid Excellence Ltd
Hi, I'm Jules, an experienced bid management professional with a demonstrated history of work winning and strategic operational delivery, currently launching my entrepreneurship as Owner & Director of Bid Excellence Ltd, offering work winning strategy collaboration & implementation, project management, software integration and compliance support.

My aim is to work as an extension of your business, challenging your work winning strategy, to provide a strong pipeline of potential opportunities with a strong % bid win, from concept to completion, adding value through results driven, targeted tendering to successful project delivery.

My vision is to help my clients push innovation through change, promoting best practice, always with a smile, positive approach and as a collaborative team player!

My mission is to work with likeminded businesses to implement, improve and refresh current ways of working to maximise success and growth in accordance with strategic
business objectives. I will provide project management support throughout the bid lifecycle process, allowing you to concentrate on your overall solution, offering challenges, review and editorial support.

I love working with new teams and sharing ideas, always keen to research to ensure I understand our offering, experience, and strengths so that we finalise a seamless submission with strong messaging, ensuring the reader understands all elements, despite their specialism.

My passion is work winning, always enthusiastic and dedicated to ensuring we present a strong and robust solution which adheres to compliance criteria, to specification and to programme, adhering to all budgetary considerations, offering VfM and innovative solutions.

I work flexibly fully committed to delivery in accordance with agreed scope of works, my focus is always to win and to evidence the success of the skills and portfolio my clients offer.

Key Achievements - Successful work winning collaborations and project management experience across multiple disciplines and sectors (Public & Private) throughout the UK and Ireland, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, spanning over 12 years, including:

- Design, Build, Finance and Operation
- Complex civil engineering projects
- Building services engineering consultancy
- Consulting – Core Business Operations
- Specialist marine civil engineering services
- Shipping and offshore multidisciplinary services to a wide range of marine sectors

Connect with Jules via LinkedIn and keep up to date on Instagram!

Thursday 18 May 2023

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