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Lynette McHendry, Owner of Spear and Arrow Bone Broth


Thursday 1 September 2022

Lynette McHendry, Owner of Spear and Arrow Bone Broth

Tell us about your business and your role within. 

I am the owner, director and about everything else within the business as its only me and my sister helps part-time. Therefore, I do production of the products, go to markets to sell my products, market, and promote on social media as well as managing payroll, accounts, HACCP and customer service.  

Share a brief overview of your career journey to date. 

I previously worked in the NICS as a Procurement and Contracts Manager and then onto Project Management and Service Improvement. Being diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in 2015 which later spread to my brain completely changed my life and career path. 

What aspect of the Yes You Can Programme did you take part in? 

I took part in the 6-week mentoring programme with Sandra in the Newtownabbey area hub and later went on to compete in the Pitching competition. 

Why did you decide to get involved in Yes You Can? 

I was just starting out on my business journey and needed to connect with other women in the same position as myself as I was putting myself into unknown waters and needed to have support from a mentor, learn the basics of running and business and meet other women going through the same worries and anxiety as myself.

How was the Yes You Can experience? 

I really enjoyed the programme. I met a fantastic group of women who were all in the same boat as me and we were all able to learn the ropes together. Our mentor was great support and really helped put me at ease with my worries. The support from the group was great and we all stay connected through social media which is great. 

Which skills or experiences from the programme helped most in your business? 

Giving me confidence was a major help as talking to other women on the program you realise you are not alone and there is lots of support out there to get access to whether through councils, the WIB programme or through social media. 

The programme also gave me confidence to talk about my product and be proud of my achievements. Coming from a procurement background, selling was and still is a major stress of mine. Being on the programme and entering the pitching competition gave me confidence to talk about my product to customers to sell them the benefits. 

What is your advice to those who are thinking of applying? 

Go for it! you will meet lots of lovely like-minded women who are in the same boat as you. You will gain confidence and knowledge of running a business in a friendly, interesting format instead of reading books and attending online webinars. It's the connections you make while on the programme as you never know when that person you meet will be beneficial to you in your new venture. 

How can we keep up to date on your business journey? 

You can kee up to date with me via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and my Website


Thursday 1 September 2022

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